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Stone LP Weight 230g

Finish options

Polish Black or Silver with laser etched printing brings a clean and natural aesthetic to any turntable.

The Natural aesthetic marries nicely with the warm and tactile sound of a record.

230g is ideal for any turntable with a lighter platter and a smaller motor, as this weight won't wear or give strain to the motor mechanise or bearing.

The weight naturally stabilises the record and allows the needle to track a more stable and secure record.

The hole for the spindle is 7.2mm in circumference this allows for any use on any turntable.

15$NZD from the 55USD$ total cost, goes straight to three Charities, 5$NZD to Rainforest Trust, 5$NZD to Panthera and 5$NZD goes to Tompkins Conservation.


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