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Snow LP Weight

Finish options

The Organic and Natural form mirrors that of the  Organic and Natural sound of a record.

The Polished Finish gives the Snow LP weight a sense of luxury and purity. Complimenting the polished exterior is the polished brass interior, which peaks out from under neath the weight adding an interesting juxtaposition.


Polished Black or Silver exterior houses a polished Brass interior. Brass was chosen for its sonic qualities, great sound dampening and its heavy mass.

The Snow LP weight, weighs 615 grams and is ideal for a larger and heavier platter with a stronger motor, 5kg platter and above suits the Snow LP weight.


Snow’s Heavy mass dampens and stabilises any unwanted vibrations and provided a smoother ride for the needle of the cartridge.


The hole diameter is 7.2mm which allows use for most turntables as the RIAA standard is around 7.26mm.


From the total purchase price of the product, $66 NZD is shared between 3 charities.

$22 NZD goes to Rainforest Trust, $22 NZD goes to Panther and $22 NZD goes to Tompkins Conservation.



Total Price is in USD $222.00 excl shipping

    by Stone Audio