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The Organic and Natural form mirrors that of the  Organic and Natural sound of a record.

615 grams in weight is best suited to a turntable with a heavier platter and a stronger motor, 5kg platter and above.


Snow’s Heavy mass dampens and stabilises any unwanted vibrations and provides a smoother ride for the needle of the cartridge.

Your Turntable may need its Speed adjusted while using this weight, the wow/flutter shouldn't be negatively effected.

Total Price is in USD $184.00 excl shipping

Black Polish

Polished Black exterior, flowing and curving with the natural sound of a record.

Silver Polish

Polished Silver exterior, captures and dances with the light while extracting the best from your records.

Do Some Good

With Every purchase we donate $66 NZD to charity

divided equally between 3.

$22 NZD to Rainforest Trust

$22 NZD to Panthera

$22 NZD to Tompkins Conservation

we are a proud member of 1% for the planet


Marrying form with function.

Pushing HiFi Design

A polished brass interior enclosed by a polished Aluminium exterior.

Brass is used for its great sonic qualities. Complimented by its heavy mass making brass a great vibration dampener which is critical for records. Allowing the needle to track with more stability.  The Polished Aluminium gives the Snow LP weight a luxurious and clean aesthetic married to an organic, futuristic and elegant form.

We aim to push the limits of HiFi design and create objects of true value and desire.

by Stone Audio