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Stone LP Weight 230g

Polish Black or Silver with Laser Etch printing brings a clean and natural aesthetic to any turntable.

The Natural aesthetic marries nicely with the warm and tactile sound of a record.

230g is ideal for any turntable with a lighter platter and a smaller motor, as this weight won't wear or give strain to the motor mechanise or bearing.

The weight naturally stabilises the record and allows the needle to track a more stable and secure record.

Air cushion on bottom of weight allows for a cushion between the weight and the art of the record.

The hole for the spindle is 7.2mm in diameter this allows for any use on any turntable.

Beautiful Addition to your Music.

Black polished

Polished Black Anodise coupled with the black of the vinyl creates a timeless aesthetic, simple clean while also extracting the most out of the record.

Breaking the

Rules in HiFi.

Using the same quality

materials, the same manufacturing techniques and the same time developing our products as other HiFi companies.

The Difference between us and them is our price, aesthetics and commitment.

We craft these products so you can extract the best possible sound from your turntable while also doing a little good in this world.

Your Turntable may need its Speed adjusted while using this weight, the wow/flutter shouldn't be effected.

Price 55$USD excluding shipping

Natural Polished 

Polished Natural Silver, creates a complex contrast with the vinyl while matching other mechanisms of the turntable such as arm, counter weight and anti skate.

With your purchase 15$NZD from the 55$USD cost, goes straight to three Charities, 5$NZD to Rainforest Trust, 5$NZD to Panthera and 5$NZD goes to Tompkins Conservation.

We are Proud to be a member of 1% for the planet

Your Purchase

turns into a Donation

by Stone Audio